What are Deemed Scores?

Deemed scores are the proposed replacement for the current ECO EPC assessment.The objective of deemed scores is to calculate savings using a pre determined score identified by dwelling type, dwelling size and heating system type for each proposed measure.

UPDATE: 6th October 2016 - Ofgem's decision following the deemed scores consultation: Click here to read →

Ofgem's Deemed Scores Matrix can be viewed here Click here to read →


1. The Reach of Deemed Scores

The total number of pre determined deemed scores are likely to exceed 11,000, created from over 22,000 SAP calculations. The assessment of the dwelling by a suitably qualified and experienced assessor is essential to ensure an accurate score. However, this might not be the case when deemed scores are implemented into the assessment process.

Deemed Scores are likely to benefit installers and the utility companies, in that it allows for quicker and cheaper assessments, along with de-risking the carbon calculation by having it pre-prescribed.


2. The Impact of Deemed Scores

Unfortunately, deemed scores will be an estimation of the carbon savings from that type of property, which will have an impact on those properties which are 'non-standard' or 'unusual' in their construction.

The industry has strong views on maintaining an RdSAP EPC assessment as an alternative to deemed scores in certain circumstances, especially with the evaluation of solid wall properties suitable for external wall insulation. ECO's strategy by 2020 is to ensure as many people as possible are living in a home with an EPC rating of E or above.


3. Our Analysis

GDR Surveyors believe that deemed scores and the accuracy of the assessment will ensure that the right properties and the residents who live in them continue to benefit from ECO funding. As with all government schemes, there will be those organisations which see opportunity to exploit loopholes and fraudulent fortuity in the assessment process. It's imperative that we work together to ensure this behaviour is identified and reported to Ofgem as soon as reasonably practicable.

Who Are GDR Surveyors?

Our team of building surveyors support a range of businesses in achieving their obligations under ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) and the wider energy saving measures implemented at the governmental level. Specialising in In-situ wall u-value measurements (carbon optimisation), Technical Monitoring, Technical Surveying, Health & Safety Reporting, Energy Inspections, Assessments and Ofgem Compliance, GDR Surveyors has worked for and alongside a number of the 'big six' utilities companies, whilst also providing a range of services to smaller providers, installers, contractors and housing associations.